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  • #1 Exam Prep Platform for Agents and Broker:

    Our Exam Prep is the final and most important step in your education before taking the Texas Real Estate license exam. Our interactive platform provides over 3,000 most common questions in the actual exam to prepare and ensure your success during the State and National Exam. We highly recommend taking this course to take out the guesswork and stress during the actual exam.


    Passing the Texas Real Estate State Exam should not be stressful or aggravating.


    ✅ TREC Approved

    ✅ Course duration 2-4 days

    ✅ 98% Pass on their first attempt

    ✅ Pass The National and State Exam

    ✅ Unlimited Retakes for 1 Year

    ✅ 100% Pass Guarantee or

    ✅ All Your Money Back

    ✅On Demand Course Complete From Anywhere

  • Benefits of Our Platform:

    Our Texas Real Estate Exam Prep courses are designed to help you prepare for and pass the Texas Real Estate License Exam in the very first try.


    🧑‍🤝‍🧑 🚀 Who is this for:

    National & State Agent Exam Prep

    National & State Broker Exam Prep

    🖥️ 📱Features:

    Fully Interactive Study Guides &

    Simulated Real Estate Exams

    3,000+ Approved RE Questions

    Unlimited Exam Attempts

    Access From Any Device

    Real Time Grading

    ✅ 💯 Satisfaction:

    5 ⭐ reviews

    100% Pass Guarantee

    or, All Your Money Back

    Course Duration 2-4 days

    Unlimited Retakes for 1 Year

    Pass The National and State Exam

    On-Demand Course Complete From Anywhere

    You'll get access to unlimited  online mock exams (real life sample questions) to help you familirize yourself with the questions on the actual exam.


    This course will cover all necessary material for both the National and State portions of the exam as well as provide math review. The students will take several state and national practice exams in preparation for the licensing exam. You may take the exam prep class as many times as you need to for one year after registration.

  • Why Do You Need Exam Prep, Anyway?

    The truth is, some people do not need any type of exam prep. You may be one of those people that can ace any test that is put in front of you without any studying. You might be able to remember all the facts and figures you read from a book. You would be what is called "book smart." This course may not be for you.

    This course helps those people that may need exam questions with easy to understand explanations, a more flexible way of studying, to build confidence before exam day, to discover weak areas, to hone their knowledge, or simply those that are serious about their license and truly want to pass the state exam and have a better future.

    There is a big difference between reading information from a book and actually having an experience of "immersion." By enrolling in our course, you will have that "immersion" experience and lose those jitters on exam day.

    While it may be possible for you to pass the exam by hard work without our course, by enrolling you will be sure to pass. We have organized everything for you in a convenient package to allow you to gain the advantage. So why do you need exam prep? So that you will pass when it matters most.

  • Dedicated Email Support

    We have a dedicated team of customer service agents ready and waiting for you. Our fully remote team answers every question within 24 hours or less...every. single. time.


    And because our team is located around the world, that means time zones don't matter. Our support team is ready to help 24/7.

    Whether you need your password reset, you want to take an exam over again, or anything you need, our stellar customer service team will get it done for you. Fast.

    Go ahead and enroll today in less than 5 minutes and rest assured that our team is ready to help.

  • How to Pass in The First Try:

    Yes. We offer our "100% Delighted Pass Guarantee" or your money back. If you aren't happy with our course or if you fail the actual exam, just ask us for a refund up to 1 year from your sign up date and we will give you your money back within 24 hours.

    Our Exam Prep course is the final and most important step in your education before you take the Texas Real Estate license exam. The Real Estate Exam Prep course is available as a stand-alone course and includes FREE retakes for up to one year after enrolling.

  • Who is This For:

     This course covers the Salesperson exam or Broker exam. In some states you are considered a "Broker" as a sales agent working under a managing broker and is equivalent. It is meant to cover the introductory license in each state, not a "managing broker" or "supervising broker" license. By enrolling in this course you will have all the information you need for passing the introductory licensing exam. However, in California only, we do offer a "Broker" exam prep course which is equivalent to a "managing broker" license in other states.

  • Course Duration:

    The short answer is: it depends. We have had people take as little as two days to complete the course, while in contrast, we have also had people take as long as six months and then ask for more time to complete it. It really depends on your level of competence with the materials. We suggest giving yourself two to four weeks to study the materials and complete our course. This ensures that you have enough time to actually learn the material well enough to pass. You can take longer or shorter if you wish. It really depends on how well you can retain information.
  • Do I Need to Have Already Taken Any Prerequis:

    No. You do not need to have already taken any prerequisites for our courses, however it is highly recommended that anyone that takes our courses has already taken the steps necessary to take either the salesperson or broker state exam. The state requires every real estate salesperson to take three specific classes to even qualify to take the exam (unless you are already a member of the state BAR). This course works best for those people that have already taken the necessary steps required to take either exam. This course includes material that should be review for most examinees and is meant to strengthen your chances of success.

  • Life Time Access From Any Device:

    The payment is a one-time charge that allows you access to the course for Life. There are no other fees whatsoever in any way, shape, or form. You will never have to pay more than the one time fee.

  • When & How to Get Access:

    As soon as you sign up, you get immediate acess to the course. Access to the course is instantaneous after payment. You will automatically be directed to the course area and you can view anything you wish. You can then study as your time permits and log in and out as you please.
  • Study Guide & Exam Prep:

    The study guide is interactive and fast designed to help you pre pare for the sample exam. The structure of the study guides on our site are not timed. We feel that it promotes learning in a more relaxed way without a timer.

    However, the actual exams are timed and we do have a timer for some of the final mock exams in our course. This promotes the exams as being more realistic to the real thing so you will not feel as anxious on exam day.

  • Website Security:

    Yes, our site is secured with the latest technology to prevent any malware or private information from being shared. All credit card data is securely processed by our third party credit card processor Stripe and is fully encrypted. We never see or have access to any credit card data. We are fully PCI compliant.

    We never use any information from you on our site for any reason except personal communication between you and us via your email address you provide upon sign up. We only use your email address to communicate course changes, questions and answers, or general inquiries. We never spam.

  • Personal Infromation:

    We never use any information from you on our site for any reason except personal communication between you and us via your email address you provide upon sign up. We only use your email address to communicate course changes, questions and answers, or general inquiries. We never spam.

  • How to Access the Course Material:

    Our course is designed specifically to be able to be accessed anywhere you have internet access and is entirely online. We do not have paper versions of our course. You can access our course from any device and learn at your convenience. If you prefer the pen-and-paper method, we recommend printing out portions of our course for further study. Depending on your printer settings, formatting may be required to allow nice looking pages.

  • How Many Exam in The Course:

    Tofal of 8 Exams, the salesperson course that include over 3,500 exam questions written by real estate professionals with explanations. Each exam is graded instantly and your grades are emailed to you immediately afterwards. There is also a "mock final exam" that simulates the actual real estate exam that is timed and has 100-250 randomly selected questions depending on your state. Every exam can be reset an unlimited number of times, essentially allowing for infinite exams. Since the actual real estate exam has under 250 questions (some much less depending on your state), by passing our course, you will be sure to know the answers to the actual exam. For the California Broker Exam course, there is 25 practice exams with material specific to brokers.

  • Can Take The Final Mock Exam?

    No, you will need to score a particular minimum score before the next test will be unlocked. We purposely designed our course this way to help ensure that you will learn the necessary material you need before exam day. If you are simply looking for a quick way to cram, this course is not for you. This course is for those that are serious about their future and obtaining their license.

  • This Course is For Both State & National Exam:

    Yes. Our course covers subjects found on both the state and national portions of the exams in every state in a unique way to enable passing the actual exams. You will know a state specific question because it will have the state name in the question itself. Other questions that do not have the state name are national questions. By taking our course you will be presented with all the information you will need to pass the state portion or national portion the first time.

  • Customer Support:

    Absolutely. We have support agents standing by ready to help you with any issue you might have. From resetting your password, resetting your course, fixing question typos, etc. we are happy to help. All support is done through our professional ticketing system. We answer every ticket in the order received and in 24 hours or less. We do not offer tutoring beyond what is in the course and we do not offer support by phone. Rest assured, we will take care of you and your needs promptly and with professionalism.

  • Updated 2022 Exam Prep Questions & Study Material:

    We have reviewed all new guidelines and laws known to us and reflected this in our course material. Additionally, our course material is updated each month as needed. You can rest assured that you are getting the best real estate exam prep material available.

  • Final Details:

    One time fee - No recurring charges

    Pass The 2022 Real Estate Exam Guaranteed!

     Updated For 2022

     3,500+ Questions

     25+ Practice Exams

     750+ Flashcards

     Full Terms Glossary

     60 Exam Prep Quiz Videos

     60 Exam Prep Quiz Audios

     Explainer Videos

     Explainer Audios


     Unlimited Practice

     State Specific and National

     6 Months 24/7 Access

     Instant Access After Payment

     Course Extras

    Dedicated Email Support

     Pass Guarantee

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