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Are You Worried About Selling Your House In a Crashing Real Estate Market (2023 Guide)?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

If you're looking to get multiple offers on your house in the next 30 days, then this article is for you. You will learn how to:

With recent changes in the interest rates value of homes have significantly changed.

Thousands of sellers are experiencing a slow down in their local markets and, price cuts are becoming more common everyday.

Federal reserve is going to keep the rates up despite the recession and with the current demand the prices are likely to decrease another 10-20%. 

Right now is more important than ever to act smart and find the qualified buyers.

Collin County Single Family House Sale 2021 vs 2022

Best Ways To Find Qualified Buyers Fast

These 3 simple strategies will instantly increase buyers interest in your house and will help you get multiple offers.

✅🏡 Increase Buyer Interest Instantly: 91% of buyers start looking at your house first.
✅🚀 Sell Property Faster: Homes that use these strategies sell 85% faster than those that are not
✅📈 Sell For a Higher Price: 93% of properties sell for the asking price or above

These are the same strategies most successful real estate agencies use to sell multi-million dollar homes and extremely luxury properties.

What i'm sharing with you, could make you thousands of dollars and save you weeks of hard work!

These strategies have been used for decades to sell $200,000 houses all the way up to $5-10M properties.

How to Get Qualified Buyers Schedule More Showings, Place Offers, and Close on Your House All Under 30 Days

Getting the necessary exposure and bringing the right qualified buyers to your listing will require you to follow our top 3 strategies.

We recommend these strategies regardless of price or condition of your property. You need to make sure you're:

Set The Right Price, Get Multiple Offers

Pricing your house correctly will reduce the number of days on market.

Also it will drive up buyers interest to take action immediately before the good deal is gone.

But the wrong move could set your listing back and it carries the risk of undervaluing your home.

Whether you’re working with an agent or listing on your own, it can be a challenge to set the right price to get multiple offers.

Now, if you’re asking yourself how much should I sell my house for? The best way to get an idea of what your home could be worth is to:

3- Look on public records and tax documents

Establishing Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing your house correctly will reduce the number of days on market.

Also it will drive up buyers interest to take action immediately before the good deal is gone.

Usually you need to list the house about 5% under the market value to be considered as good deal and therefore have more people come to your house and want to steal it before anyone else does.

If the price is too high it may cause the buyers to lose interest but if the price is right buyers will get into a bidding war over your property.

#1 Contributor to Selling Your House Under 30 Days

You can try to sell your house off market, but on average it takes over 316 days to sell a house that wasn't listed online.

91% of buyers start looking at houses online first

Interestingly the #1 reason most homes don't sell is because they were never listed on the multiple listing service or the MLS.

Multiple listing services is the #1 contributor to helping sellers capitalize on their house fast.

Listing on The MLS MeanMore Exposure Instantly

Publishing your property on MLS will amplify your listing on over 100+ online sources.

You can expose your property to over 150 million+ monthly visitor who are actively looking for a new place., Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, RE/MAX,, Movoto, Coldwell banker,,, IDX and thousands more! Increase your exposure by targeting the 150 million+ monthly visitors they generate.

How to Increase Your Exposure to 150 Million+ Qualified Home Buyers

This could mean even buyers from other cities, states, and even countries can see your listing online.

This will open the door for more showing and eventually getting multiple offers.

Real estate agents and brokers are willing to pay a fee for using a multiple listing service (MLS).

Ready to List Your House On The MLS?

To make the matter even easier, you can fill out a quick form with the details of your house and your desired sale price, and we'll get you added to the MLS instantly for FREE.

This will make sure your house is on every single real estate market place so that buyers will be able to see your listing.

How to Get 10x More Showings With Qualified Buyers

For decades, home staging has been arguably the most effective real estate marketing tool to sell properties.

In fact, staging statistics show that it can sell a home for 20% more and 88% faster.

Don't StageYour House, Instead Do This 🏡👇

It's Much More Affordable and Time Sensitive approach. It's more like magic!

The National Association of Realtors® found that nine out of ten buyers depend on online listing photos to decide whether they're willing to walk through the home.

This is not a new concept, virtual staging is a new, faster, and more affordable method of enjoying similar results.

9 Top Benefits of Virtual Staging

Here are the 9 top reasons to use virtual staging in your real estate listings:

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